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W o m e n L o s t i n T h o u g h t

14 Dec

Women lost in thought by Harry Callahan. Photos were put together in this way by Signe Kassow from Wonderbuzz, a great blog I could only recommend!

1 Feb


How lovely!!..


The Greatness of Sølve Sundsbø

16 Dec

14 videos of 14 actors acting…amazing!!!

Produced by the New York Times Magazine

Music by Owen Pallett. Find the rest here … they are really all pure awesomeness… 😉

More photography by Sølve Sundsbø on LovelyArtitude


From the Future

Winds in the Studio


Hair Storm


The gap between what it is and what we see

3 Sep

Genius drawings by amazing Berlin-based Tina Berning! I just loooove the way she depicts human faces…checking her out is  must! 🙂

available again!!! |

via Tina Berning

22 Jul


Minjae Lee

20 Jun

Genius 21-year old artist Minja Lee from South Korea. So stunning…

17 May

Little elfie

14 May

The loveliest Sasha Pivovarova shot by amazing Laurie Bartley. I love her make-up…this shoot has just the perfect mood and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Sasha to do it.

Laurie was born in Basildon Essex, England 1977. After studying photography in Norfolk, he then moved to London at 18, where he found work as an assistant. During this period, Laurie’s work came to notice through the energetic pages of magazines like The Face, Dazed & Confused and Pop, establishing the beginnings of his career.

Embracing a somewhat cinematic approach, Laurie’s work masterfully utilizes the bare essentials of location and lighting  in developing narrative potential. In his highly considered images, he brings to the world of fashion photography a lyrical sensibility that makes moments of the everyday absolutely exceptional.

Laurie’s work has appeared in publications worldwide and he has photographed advertising campaigns for Max Factor, Diesel and Bulgari. His work has also been exhibited at the V&A museum in London and featured in a recent fashion photography retrospective at the International Centre of Photography in New York. Laurie currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Photos originally published by Vogue Vhina

This is real too

3 May

Well, I have to say that no one has been more of an inspiration for Lovely Artitude than Muszka! She is young, she is from Poland and she has an old Praktica. At some point I just discovered her amazing art on deviantArt and just fell in love with the spirit of her photographs…What can I say – the girl has style!

Oh, and please enjoy her little blog :)

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my 1st Bottle

21 Apr